Tibetan singing bowls have its origin in Tibet in the region of Himalaya, Northern China, Nepal, India, and Bhutan. According to historians, it is not possible to pin point the exact period when singing bowls were invented but the procedure of making instruments which are close to the singing bowls existed long as 2500 years ago in Asia. Some sources suggest that singing bowls were in use over 300 years ago in India and the usage was in Tibet over 100 years ago. The Bon sect of shamas is believed to have often used them in their rites.


Singing bowls are made of an alloy of metals which include gold, silver, copper, mercury, iron as well as tin. It is believed that meteorite was used to make the original bowls. A majority of singing bowls were, however, made of five metals or less.


Making of Silver Sky singing bowls has changed over time. Presently, the making of singing bowls involves pouring metal into a cast. The result is smoother singing bowls which are easier to play. Besides, there is also the hand hammered singing bowls which are hard to play, and they still exist although they are passed off as antique or old. It is possible to find antique bowls, but they are scarce and more expensive.


Playing singing bowls is a simple task to master. You can play singing bowls after practicing for five minutes. Playing singing bowls involve making circles in the outer parts of the bowl using a stick in a steady rhythm. This may take a while before any sound is produced. Eventually, you will hear a slight hum which will increase as you continue circling the stick around the bowl.


the most common use for singing bowls is during meditation. It is possible to play your singing bowl when you are meditating. Besides, you can have someone play the singing bowl while you are meditating. Singing bowls are commonly used in yoga classes where a person sits in a yoga class and play the singing bowls as the students go through the asanas. Playing singing bowls is a great addition to a yoga class since it is more soothing the recorded music which is normally played in many yoga classes.



Singing bowls have become increasingly popular in the western cultures along with yoga and Buddhism. They also offer a beautiful decoration for your home. In some places like Tibet, singing bowls are used for other purposes such as offering bowls, as well as for playing, click here to get started!